Requirements for participation

The competition is open to physical persons, project teams, startup companies, already established companies, cooperatives and associations.

Entrepreneurial plans must have Italy as their legal headquarters and development base. They must also have a positive social and economic outcome mainly in Italy, with a particular emphasis on creating employment.

The prize participants must be of legal age. There are no upper age limits to participate.

For team projects, the average age of the participants will be considered. Subjects who were finalists in past editions of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize may not compete in 2018 with the same project in the same category. 

Subjects wishing to participate must present their project plans on the platform available on the site in the section “PARTECIPA” by and not after the midnight of May 14, 2018. Projects submitted by mail, on paper or that do not follow all the listed prerequisites will not be considered.

In order to qualify for the competition, the entrepreneurial project presented must:

  • be innovative;
  • be original;
  • be financially sustainable and capable of generating economic returns;
  • have a positive social impact in Italy (for example: it most respond to a concrete need, improve the quality of life of people, enhance Italian culture, improve the environment and local Italian realities).