Introduction and objectif



The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is looking for new business people and builders of the future who are able to combine innovation, business and society.
The Prize lasts ten years and it supports an innovation platform to encourage new business start-ups.
This is a strategy that increasingly aims at open innovation and at internationalization, with a spirit of sharing between large companies and innovative young businesses. The Gaetano Marzotto Prize identifies and supports the most promising business plans by creating a consolidated synergy between the ecosystem of innovation inside a more global network.


premio marzotto


Established by Giannino Marzotto, the Gaetano Marzotto Prize, is one of the activities promoted by the Associazione Progetto Marzotto which was also founded by Giannino in 2010 and now led by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Agenzia del Contemporaneo. The Prize was inspired by the Gaetano Marzotto, a well-known businessman of the 1900s, who knowingly combined business and society, culture and the territory.
From this year the President of the Association is Margherita Marzotto, Matteo Marzotto is Vice President.