/ 7.12.2018

Innovation Nights Consulate General of Italy in New York City

The winners of the eighth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize participated in an evening to celebrate innovation at the Italian Consulate in New York.

Massimo BocchiCeo di CellPly, the first diagnostics system that is able to predict the efficacy of antitumoral drugs for each patient, by analysing in-vitiro responses of vital cells from a small biopsy, immediately after the biopsy; and Alessandro Brilloni, Cofounder di Bettery, a liquid battery that is sustainable and refillable, and which represents an ambitious project to provide clean energy to the transport sector. Guests included Cristiano Seganfreddo, Director of the Progetto Marzotto, in an event moderated by the co-author of Tech and the City and journalist, Maria Teresa Cometto.

For the occasion, a volume from Rizzoli has been presented: The Italian Book of Innovation, which brings together the stories of many young Italian talents and startups.

“In the Italian Book of Innovation we have tried to see the eyes, the dedication, the visions and hopes of the new venture captains. First and last names which are still new”, writes Cristiano Seganfreddo, the books’ curator.

The book brings together the stories of 100 startups, subdivided into 10 macro-areas, with 10 case histories. It ranges from aerospace engineering and digital to fashion, from food to green, from health to robotics, from social to tourism, in order to discover the most unexpected corners of Italy where young Italian companies are planning the future.

The startups are active agents of social change. They influence a nation culturally and set new benchmarks. Innovation is a structural action for a country. And sustaining innovation means opening up roads to the future.

The book is enriched with “glimpses into the future” from Diego Piacentini, Carlo Antonelli, Emil Abirascid, Enrica Acuto Jacobacci, Massimiano Bucchi, Stefano Micelli, Diana Saraceni, Maria Cristina Didero, and many others. The book finishes with analysis of the Marzotto Progettio, which over the years, has helped to create an eco-system of Italian innovation.


Massimo Bocchi, Cellply